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Guilds of Galyndor

Quest for the Sagacitas Elixir

K.S. Crooks

mapHomeGalyndor is a place teeming with magic and fantasy. In a nation containing four mystical Guilds, the school in the village of Faywood holds reputation as the foundational training ground for new students: the Shoguns who have the ability to enhance their physical attributes and senses; the Elementals who are capable of manipulating the basic elements of nature- water, fire, lightning, earth and air; the Ethereals who have the ability to manipulate light, control their shadows and access an alternate realm using mirrors; and the Shamans who are capable of manipulating life auras, allowing them to affect plants, animals and positively influence human health.

But are special abilities strong enough to hold the bond of friendship?

In this intriguing new fantasy tale, one finds out that true magic is only conjured by the will of a real hero’s heart.